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Pokémon Crystal Variation

Pokémon Crystal Variation is the third as well as last Generation II core collection ready Game Kid Shade. It was launched as a solitary variation to Pokémon Silver and gold, which were launched one year prior to. It was launched in Japan on December 14, 2000, in The United States And Canada on July 29, 2001, and also in Europe on November 2, 2001.

It included different solutions as well as some brand-new enhancements, most especially the intro of the choice to play as a girl. It happens around Johto like Gold and Silver, with accessibility to Kanto granted later on in the video game, with the player's beginning community being New Bark Community.

The Japanese version had far more new features, all related to a mobile phone-related connecting innovation functional through the Pokémon Mobile System GB when linking a Mobile Video game Child Adapter to a Game Boy Shade or Video Game Child Advancement (original or SP).

The video game was released on the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console on January 26, 2018.


The player is contacted us to Professor Elm's laboratory to run a task. He gives the player with one of three Pokémon: Chikorita, Cyndaquil, or Totodile to help them get to Mr. Pokémon's house. The gamer meets Kanto's own Teacher Oak throughout the duty for Elm. Oak, encouraged that the gamer has begun their own Pokémon trip, provides a Pokédex. On the way back, the player is assaulted by a spiteful and mystical Pokémon Fitness instructor. Upon the player's go back to New Bark Town, they are informed that someone has burglarized Teacher Elm's lab and also has swiped a Pokémon, the same Pokémon that the Fitness instructor from earlier battled with (the Pokémon that the player's starter is weak versus); a lot more so, that identical Trainer fits the description of the Pokémon thief. This Fitness instructor will certainly become the gamer's rival for the training course of the game, having several conflicts with the gamer as to what it suggests to be the world's greatest Pokémon Trainer.

Group Rocket has returned with a brand-new attitude, because the loss of their leader Giovanni, and once more tries to take control of the globe, starting with the Johto region. They start with minor things (such as cutting off the tails of Slowpoke to market as food for a high cost) prior to ending up being much more untrustworthy, such as a strategy to utilize superhigh frequency to synthetically induce advancement in some Pokémon at the Lake of Craze near Mahogany community. When the gamer beats or captures the Red Gyarados rampaging in the lake, Lance will certainly show up as well as congratulate the gamer for their fighting and also requests that the player aid him discover the source of the radio signals. When the player go back to Mahogany town and also enters the Keepsake Store, they will certainly find Lance and also his Dragonite threatening the man in the shop. A secret door will open up to the Rocket base, which was exposed by a Rocket Grunt to be an old ninja hideout. After the player beats the Rocket Exec located in the hideout, Lance asks the player to help him knock out the Electrode powering the machine producing the radio waves.

After completing this job, Lance thanks the player and also provides the HM Whirlpool. After the gamer beats Pryce – the leader of Mahogany Gym – Professor Elm will certainly call the player and tell them concerning uncommon programs from the Radio Tower in Goldenrod City. When the player gets to Goldenrod City, it is disclosed that Group Rocket has actually taken over the Radio Tower, their intent being to try to contact their missing leader, Giovanni, and convince him to go back to Group Rocket. Likewise, the Director of the Goldenrod terminal has been abducted and changed by an impostor. After the gamer beats the impostor, he will tell them the place of the real Supervisor. When the gamer releases the real Supervisor, he will certainly offer the player the Card Secret, which opens the door on 3F of the Radio Tower and also results in the Rocket Exec presently in charge of the group. The gamer beats the exec and Group Rocket formally dissolves momentarily time. The Director awards the player with a Clear Bell.

Throughout the adventure, the gamer will likewise find Suicune, a Legendary Pokémon that passes through Johto after the player stirs up the three Fabulous monsters from their sleep at the Shed Tower. Unlike Raikou as well as Entei, Suicune notices the player; likewise, Eusine reveals passion in Suicune, having actually sought it for 10 years and ultimately beholding it thanks to the player. As Eusine challenges the gamer to a fight near Cianwood City, it becomes clear that Eusine wants to make Suicune's regard to make sure that he can discover what it is that it cares for. However, it is when the gamer is turned over with the Clear Bell that the Wise Trio permit them to go into the Tin Tower, where Suicune has arrived to place them to the test. Later in the tale, after the gamer has actually shown their capability to touch the spirits of Pokémon by catching all 3 of the Epic monsters, Ho-Oh go back to the Tin Tower after 150 years of screening humans from afar.

As in all previous games, the major objective of the player is to beat all the Health club Leaders of Johto, win all 8 Badges, as well as handle the Elite Four and the present Pokémon League Champ. Later, the gamer will certainly have the ability to take a trip to the area of Kanto as well as take on the Kanto Fitness Center Leaders for their Badges. After winning all eight Badges, Teacher Oak will certainly give the gamer authorization to go to Mt. Silver and encounter the protagonist from Generation I, Red.


The current in the Gold & Silver collection!
Travel back to the world of Johto as the Gold & Silver collection proceeds with brand-new attributes! Whether you're reading the fresh summaries in your Pokédex, using the special type function to organize your Pokémon in new means, viewing the brand new battle animations, or finding another means to capture Suicune, you'll require all of your Poké-skills to master Pokémon Crystal on your Game Child Color!

  • Unlock the secrets of the Unown! All-new challenges and also incentives await you in the Damages of Alph!
  • Hammer out the Fight Tower, a difficult event including Johto's ideal instructors!
  • For the very first time, play as a male or female trainer!
  • Trade with Gold, Silver, Red, Blue, and also Yellow variations to capture 'em all!
  • Compatible with Pokémon Arena 2 for the Nintendo 64!

Changes from Pokémon Silver And Gold

  • Aesthetic modifications
  • A female player character, Kris, is presented, marking the first time players can pick the gender of their character. The selection is purely visual and also does not impact gameplay or the tale. The gamer sprite for Kris is blue rather than red.
  • When getting in an area, its name is shown on-screen. This attribute is continued in all subsequent games.
  • A number of places have had their graphics modified:
  • The Bellsprout statuaries in Sprout Tower are currently off-white instead of gold.
  • The Goldenrod Video Game Edge and Celadon Game Edge are both revamped with a various color design as well as a brand-new layout for the vending machine.
  • The Goldenrod Radio Tower has a subtly different color scheme, and also the 2nd floor has been mainly upgraded with the addition of Buena's studio and brand-new furniture.
  • The pond in National Park now has a water fountain in the facility, as well as a drinking fountain is added next to the benches in the south of the park.
  • The Shed Tower appears as a noticeably burnt-out building on the exterior. The inside is now dark as well as has a various design.
  • The outside of the Shine Lighthouse has modified, with a brand-new home window design on top making it much more clearly appear like a lighthouse.
  • The Ice Path is upgraded with a bright blue ice-like appearance. A few of the challenges within have actually likewise been modified.
  • Lance's room at the Indigo Plateau currently has a draconic appearance, with the generic sculptures in the room being replaced with Dratini statues.
  • The dining establishments in Olivine City, Celadon City, as well as Fuchsia City include a brand-new layout with a various color scheme.
  • In the Celadon Mansion, there is an Easter prompt the right side of the staircase that leads up from the roofing system's entrance/exit. Engaging with this wall surface generates the message "There's graffiti on the wall … included a moustache!"
  • Pokémon sprites are now animated.
  • Pokémon sprites have been updated:
  • Front sprites for each Pokémon currently play a brief animation upon getting in fight and a much longer one when the Pokémon's profile is seen. This attribute wasn't continued once again till Pokémon Emerald.
  • While most of the Pokémon preserve their sprites from either Silver or gold, particular Pokémon, such as Houndoom and also Croconaw, were given new ones. This consists of some Pokémon that had the same sprites in both Silver and gold, like Sneasel and also Suicune.
  • The W Unown was redesigned, and also its new layout is utilized in all subsequent games.
  • A couple of Pokémon, such as Spinarak, Magnemite and also Sneasel, were recolored to more carefully match their official art work.
  • Several of the Pokémon that were redrawn have different back sprites.
  • Particular Fitness instructors have various dialogue to Gold and Silver.
  • Raikou, Entei, and also Suicune have their very own distinct battle theme when the player encounters them in the wild, making Crystal the very first video game to sporting activity special Epic Pokémon fight songs.
  • The user interface utilized during Game Link Cord trades was revamped. Silver and gold made use of a simple black on white trading user interface that was identical to the one used in the Generation I video games, primarily to maintain compatibility with older Video game Child systems. In Crystal, the food selections were overhauled with full color on a black history, a layout which far better fits the abilities of the Video game Young Boy Shade.

Area changes

  • Lawn is currently present on the eastern side of Route 36, west of Violet City. In this lawn, Growlithe can be captured, permitting gamers to obtain a Fire-type Pokémon a lot earlier than in other versions (presuming they did not choose Cyndaquil), and also making a huge difference in the availability of Fire-types for areas like the Azalea Gym and also the Sprout Tower, where Fire-types are extremely reliable.
  • Just like in the Japanese Pokémon Blue and all releases of Pokémon Yellow, modifications are made to available wild Pokémon:
  • Numerous Pokémon that were unique to either Silver or gold, like Gligar as well as Skarmory, can be found in Crystal. However certain types that were offered in both variations, like the Mareep household, are not readily available in Crystal.
  • Sneasel shows up in the Ice Path, whereas in Gold and Silver it can only be discovered in Mt. Silver.
  • Magmar can no longer be found in the Shed Tower, instead showing up solely in Mt. Silver.
  • A few of the wild Pokémon that appear in Kanto have been altered.
  • Mass episodes can currently just accompany among three pokemon crystal rom download as opposed to one of seven. Tauros, Marill and Snubbull are currently quickly offered in the wild, as well as the latter was relocated.
  • Some Pokémon that are available in any way times of the day in Silver and gold, like Smeargle or Tauros, are currently totally diurnal or nocturnal.
  • Some fitness instructor placements in the overworld have been readjusted.
  • Numerous brand-new Trainers have actually been added, several of which can just be fought when particular conditions are fulfilled. For instance, Pokéfan Jaime on Route 39 can only be battled in the evening. Some of these new instructors will not secure eyes with the gamer, and also when spoken to will not play the "experience" music before participating in battle.
  • The Goldenrod Chain store features a brand-new rooftop location. Sales are occasionally held right here, which the player is notified about if Camper Todd's number is registered in the Pokégear.
  • The Flower store in Goldenrod City has been moved slightly further from the major street as well as enhanced with flowers, making it stand apart from the bordering structures.
  • A Battle Tower, the initial in the series, is currently existing to the north of Course 40.
  • Cianwood City has been a little increased additional northwards, with the addition of the Poké Seer's home and also a little walk.
  • The format of Mt. Mortar is substantially various compared to Silver and gold.
  • The Dragon's Den has actually received several changes: the Dragon Temple can be entered, some Headbutt trees are added straight behind Shrine, as well as the Den itself is currently occupied with trainers.

Gameplay adjustments

  • Ho-Oh and also Lugia can only be caught after completing the game and also getting to Kanto. They are both at degree 60.
  • Ho-Oh can be caught after Raikou, Entei, as well as Suicune are all captured and also Eusine is talked to in Celadon City.
  • Lugia can be caught after obtaining the Silver Wing in Pewter City, like in Pokémon Gold.
  • Adjustments have been made to the Ruins of Alph. This includes a lot more common Unown, as well as a brand-new subplot– finishing sufficient puzzles enables the gamer to read a secret message left behind by the Unown. It suggests that the Unown were left by the ancient human being that created the Ruins of Alph, which the statues that line the inside were made by those people.
  • Trainers who call the gamer on the mobile phone currently have distinctive individualities (one discuss buying, one more regarding grooming and so on), as well as ask for factors besides fighting, such as giving the player things, or informing them of an unusual Pokémon appearing (Wade gives the gamer Berries, Alan provides a Fire Rock, and so on). In Silver and gold they all claim the exact same phrase, with only the names of the Pokémon they reference changing.
  • A brand-new radio program, Buena's Password, has actually been included. Players can pay attention out for a password on their Pokégear radio as well as inform Buena the password to receive points, which can be invested to redeem rewards.
  • The function to reset the appear non-Japanese and non-Korean versions of Gold and Silver remains, although it is now more difficult to access.
  • On the title display, the gamer should initially hold the ↓, SELECT, and also B switches.
  • While holding SELECT, they must launch ↓ and B.
  • Still holding SELECT, they need to currently hold ← and also ↑.
  • Ultimately, the gamer needs to release SELECT.
  • Kurt can now make multiple Spheres from same colored Apricorns simultaneously.
  • The Odd Egg can be acquired from the Day-Care Man after speaking to him for the very first time.
  • 15 Pokémon have transformed level-up movesets; nonetheless, all other than Suicune only have a solitary adjustment.
  • Some pests with the fight technicians were dealt with; however, the game executes a check when it identifies a Web link fight to utilize the older and buggy auto mechanics in order to maintain compatibility with Pokémon Gold and Silver. This happens even in between linked players of Pokémon Crystal games.
  • Also, the video game likewise executes a check that partially converts Kris into Ethan at the Cord Club and Time Capsule areas, even if all the players using the Cable television Club rooms are particularly playing Pokémon Crystal.
  • A Pokémon's relationship can be raised better by training in the very same place where the Pokémon has been captured or hatched out.