Medical Marijuana Program – California

Medical Marijuana Program – California

A medical marijuana program is a state-issued ID that lets patients purchase marijuana products from a local dispensary to treat various medical conditions and illnesses. Many non-medical marijuana patients cannot enter a retail outlet without a valid medical card issued by their doctor. In some states, patients must apply for a medical marijuana card and submit documentation to their doctors for a physician”s certification to buy medical cannabis.

A medical marijuana card can also be used for personal consumption, such as for cooking with or as a gift for a friend.

Step 1 – Get Your Medical Records

The process for obtaining a medical marijuana card in California is similar to the process in other states. Patients must meet requirements for a valid prescription and submit specific documentation of their medical condition, as well as meet other state rules, like showing a valid photo ID. Medical marijuana cards can be obtained at a local office of a Dispensary.

A medical marijuana program allows patients access to an indoor garden, and dispensers will deliver the marijuana directly to their homes. Patients can purchase as much marijuana as they want in a 30-day period.

Patients who need more than three marijuana plants to cure a serious medical condition will have a limit on the number of plants allowed for a one-year medical marijuana program. The two-year programs will allow for unlimited plants to be grown for medicinal purposes. Patients will not be allowed to grow any more plants than they require to treat their medical condition. Patients are allowed to grow six to twelve mature marijuana plants, depending on how many medical conditions they need to treat, if any.

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A patient is still required to pay a set rate for their medical marijuana program. Medical marijuana card holders will only be charged a flat fee for the first year of their program. Patients will pay this monthly rate regardless of how many medical marijuana plants they produce or how much marijuana they consume. Patients will then be able to raise their monthly charge to an amount that is lower than the flat monthly rate, but still allow them to buy marijuana products at wholesale prices.

A medical marijuana program is available in California to help provide relief for thousands of patients suffering from debilitating medical conditions. Patients are allowed to use marijuana to relieve symptoms of their ailments, for recreational or personal use. Patients can purchase their marijuana products from a local medical marijuana distributor, called a “dispensary.”